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Wellness coaching

"Take care of your body - it's the only place you have to live in"  

Are you unwell or lack energy?

  • Are you (or have you previously been) suffering from cancer, heart disease, diabetes or other illnesses?

  • Do you want to know how to avoid getting sick in the first place?

  • Are you having a hard time getting rid of the extra weight?

  • Are you stressed, depressed or anxious?


If your answer to any of those questions is yes, here's the good news: You can make a change right now by taking charge of  your body & mind.

Toxins, bad eating habits, sedentary and stressful lifestyles are major contributors to diseases. For you to be well – in body & mind – you need to address all of that.

You need to eat food that nourishes you, understand how toxins, pesticides and other chemicals impact your health and pay attention to your mental state.


Did you know that 90 - 95 % of cancers and many other diseases are due to lifestyle factors? Certain foods, stress, chemicals and lack of exercise can alter your cells and speed up the process that leads to disease. 

While conventional medicine certainly plays a big role and saves many lives, most doctors focus solely on treating symptoms rather than taking a holistic approach and looking for the cause of the problems.


In our wellness coaching sessions we will work through everything you need to know to protect your health. From the food you eat, to the chemicals you use on your body and around your home, to dealing with stress and other negative emotions. If you wish, you can undertake a full 8-week detox to clean your body of all the toxins you have accumulated over the years.


Book in for wellness coaching now and we will have you feeling better and healthier in a short period of time. 



Our wellness sessions will be over the internet or phone.


1 session: €90 (NZ$150) 

4 sessions €320  (NZ$540) 

Call me on (34) 651 44 88 66

Client Feedback

"As an overseas Kiwi, I had the pleasure of working with Anita online for eight sessions over a three month period.  I was initially attracted by her wellness program but quickly discovered that Anita was great at discovering your holistic needs and addressing them one-by-one.  She helped me to consider the many adverse areas of my life that were holding me back and gave me strategies to improve my overall health and confidence.  Using Anita's techniques, recipes and various mental goals, I was also able to shed 15 kg of excess weight in this time - something I thought would have been impossible when I started.  For those looking for some professional guidance to get life back on track, I could not recommend Anita more highly - you will certainly get value for your money!"


- Rex Bloch, Denmark

"Anita helped me get my health on track after I was diagnosed with cancer. It was one of the scariest times of my life and having Anita by my side to talk about how I felt helped me a lot. My emotional health was like a rollercoaster ride and my physical health was obviously very poor and needed a whole lot of improvement. Anita taught me how to look after my body as well as my mind. I feel so much better now and I know I will never go back to live the way I used to without thinking what impact food has on my wellbeing.  Thank you for all your support, Anita!

- Sue, NZ

"I've always been a very energetic person in my younger years, but since turning 50 things started to change. Over the last few years I felt like I didn't have much energy and my weight has crept steadily uphill. My job is very demanding and stressful and as a consequence my lifestyle wasn't the best. I was attracted by Anita's Wellness program and thought it can't hurt to give it a go.  It's been 2 month since we started our sessions and what an eye opener this has been! I learned so much and made some big changes in my life. I now realize that I need to put myself first and look after my health. My weight is slowly coming down and I feel so much better than I did in years. I highly recommend Anita's program. "


- John P., UK 

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