"Take care of your body - it's the only place you have to live in"  


Regular exercise is fundamental to our wellbeing. It controls weight, improves stamina, helps prevent disease, enhances flexibility, strengthens and tones, sharpens the mind, and improves overall quality of life. 

Core muscle strength

My emphasis is on strengthening our core muscles. 


The "core" refers to the muscles in our abdomen, lower back and hips.  The major core muscles include the spinal flexors, spinal extensors, hip flexors, and hip extensors. 


Working on our core muscles ensures our body will perform at it's best, even as we age. 


A strong core also helps with back pain. Lower or upper back pain can be partly due to weak abdominal muscles. By strengthening our abs, we can ease the pain or prevent back pain from occurring.


All my workouts are low in impact - meaning, there is no wild jumping around or using heavy weights. We use our body weight or very light weights only. The emphasis for all our exercises is on correct posture and controlled movements to tone our muscles and strengthen our core.

I offer the following options:


1-on-1 lessons

We meet at either my/your place or at a public park/beach for a workout session. I will structure the lesson according to your fitness level and needs. 

60 minutes at €40


Group sessions

Group sessions will start again in 2023 in Barcelona. More info will follow shortly.

Cost per person €10

Online exercise challeng

Online exercise challenge

Tone & strengthen your body by joining the 4-week online challenge. Choose from a variety of exercise videos - all are low-impact exercises. No equipment needed - you can do it at home and in your own time.


Available for only €10.

What clients have to say:


I had exercise sessions with Anita for a period of 6 months after an accident. Surprisingly, I actually enjoyed the workouts, especially after I got used to the routine. I found it quite challenging at the beginning, as I wasn't used to doing any physical exercise before. But I have to say it was worth it. My lower back problems improved immensely over this time. I can highly recommend Anita. She's always uplifting and fun.

John Smith

Katryn Mercer

Anita is an inspiration and a force to be reckoned with! I’ve been training with Anita since November last year and started off having to walk sections when out for a 2 mile “run.” We’ve gradually built up & now I regularly do 5-6 miles of actual running. Anita reminds me to take it steady, build up slowly and that consistency is key.  Anita’s core workouts are demanding, even though they are low impact and no equipment needed. Each exercise starts off with me thinking that it’s easy and then suddenly my muscles are burning & screaming at me to stop. Anita is so positive and upbeat - at the end of every session I walk away on a high. Thanks Anita!

Polly Gough

After a back injury last summer I was unable to run for 7 months. Having joined Anita's exercise group I've been improving my core strength and had the confidence to return to training. I have now been able to run pain free for the past few months. Anita's workouts are aimed at strengthening the muscles without the use of heavy weights. My triathlon training program is quite high intensity, however I find Anita's sessions challenging and essential to maintain my core strength. I thoroughly enjoy the workouts with Anita and can highly recommend them.