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Updated: Jun 14, 2021

You feel empty, hopeless, trapped and can't see a way out, yet nobody would even notice something is wrong because you are pretty good at pretending. Does that sound familiar?

You are not alone - it seems we have an epidemic of "pretenders". The mask goes on when you are interacting with others. It's common for people to show themselves from their best side at work or when meeting friends or even strangers. But what goes on deep down can be an entirely different story.

I hear it from my clients on a regular basis. One of my female clients recently told me she feels depressed and suicidal - yet her husband, her family and closest friends have no idea. They all see the happy face she puts on for them. She was just getting to her breaking point when she came to me for help. I asked her why she didn't tell anyone how she really feels. She told me that they all see her as a strong, powerful and successful person (which she is) and she doesn't want to shatter that illusion. She didn't want to be seen as weak and pathetic and a downer. It was easier for her to come and confide in a stranger who wouldn't judge her.

If this story resonates with you - don't let other peoples judgement stop you from reaching out. It takes a lot of courage to seek help. Don't suffer in silence. You can turn your life around much quicker than you might think. An experienced therapist or coach can help you uncover the blocks and show you how you can heal your life.

It takes a lot of energy to go on pretending - life is too short for that. If you feel down - reach out for help. It is time to stop pretending and start making changes!

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