• Anita Hollerer-Squire

Pesticides on raisins and oats

Updated: Jun 14

In February 2020 Consumer NZ tested 16 locally grown fruit and vegetables, both organically and conventionally grown, for more than 200 pesticides. 16 pesticides were detected, 9 of which are banned in the EU. None of the organic produce they tested had pesticide residues and no residues were found on the conventionally grown broccoli, capsicum, carrots, flat mushrooms, garlic and green kiwifruit. For the full report, click here.

The Ministry of Primary Industries released their test results on pesticide levels on fruit and vegetable in April 2020 - you can read more about it in my blog here.


Part of the Consumer NZ testing focused on raisins and oats.

No residues were detected in the Ceres Organics Raisins and Sun Maid Natural California Raisins.

Seven residues were found in Cinderella Baking Raisins, though none were above the MRL (maximum residue levels).

In 2020 the EWG in America tested raisins and found that they are by far the dirtiest commodity on the market. If they were included in their Dirty Dozen, they would hit the number 1 spot. Read the EWG report here.