• Anita Hollerer-Squire

How to clean your house with non-toxic products

Updated: Jun 14

If you are like most people, the chances are you have quite a variety of toxic cleaning products in your house. From oven cleaners to all-purpose cleaners, floor and window cleaners - you name it.

Once you take the time to examine the ingredients list of those products, you will be alarmed to learn what toxic chemicals you are actually using around the house.

I started researching the ingredients and what they can do to my health as well as to the environment. Now that I know - there is no way I will use them again.

So, my quest into healthier options started - first I found some products that "looked" like a much better option, because they are marketed as "eco" or "green".

However, after checking out the ingredients list, I found that not all of those "greener" products are what they say they are.

Earthwise cleaning spray contains sodium hydroxymethylglycinate, which is a formaldehyde releaser. This is a known human toxicant and allergen. Formaldehyde is linked to cancer.

Ecostore dish liquid contains benzyl alcohol, which is associated with skin allergies and irritation.

So be aware - just because a product claims to be better for the environment and your health or because it is sold in organic stores - does not guarantee it is. Always check the labels!