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Corporate wellness

"People don't grow by accident - they grow by design"

Corporate wellness program

Every company is only as strong as its employees. By looking after your people and giving them the opportunity to improve their physical and mental well-being, a healthier and happier working environment is ensured. 

Ask yourself ... do we have a happy working environment? Is everyone performing to their highest personal standards and enjoying work? Is everyone fit and healthy?


If your answer is no, here’s the good news: You can make a change right now by introducing a wellness program.


Studies clearly show that bad eating habits, toxins, sedentary and stressful lifestyles are a major contributor to health issues like obesity, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, depression and much more.


To be well – in body & mind –  those are critical issues that need to addressed.


I have made it my mission to help people with just that. My skills and international experience as a Life Coach, Wellness Coach, Clinical Weight Loss Practitioner and Personal Trainer will have everyone feel better, look better and be more energetic in no time at all.


My approach is holistic – I work on creating a healthy body & a healthy mind.


My programs provide a safe place to work on issues like:


  • Encouraging self-care and personal development

  • Promoting wellbeing through nutrition, mindfulness, detoxification and exercise

  • Developing strategies to cope with emotional and personal issues

  • Improving relationships with co-workers, superiors and clients

  • Setting personal and professional goals and creating step-by-step action plans


A wellness program is an invaluable part of any staff incentive program and will add another dimension to staff satisfaction and general wellbeing.

I work with individuals or groups and am happy to tailor-make a program for your specific requirements.

For more information and pricing structure, please contact me.


Anita recently gave a workshop on "Dealing with stress, depression and anxiety" for our Green Prescription program. It was an absolute pleasure. The content was inspiring and engaging and well thought-out. It was a great style of presentation, moving smoothly from one exercise to the next, being highly interactive.  The participants got a lot out of this workshop and even I walked away with more tools & knowledge than when I arrived.  I can't recommend Anita highly enough, she was fantastic and I do look forward to her next workshop.

~ Nicole Deed, Sports Auckland

Sport Auckland.jpg

Anita ran a host of workshops for our front line staff covering a variety of topics. She incorporated business and private subject matters, which made the workshops fun and more interesting. Her approach was very personal and thought provoking and she got everyone participating and feeling uplifted.

~ Sue, Heritage Hotels

I've been dealing with lots of stressful situations lately - at work as well as with my family, and really needed to find a way out of this. This  workshop was just what I needed. Anita helped me put everything into perspective and made me look at my life in a different way.  Now I can see a light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you for this opportunity! 


~ Emma, Life design workshop

This workshop inspired me to go to the next level. I now realize why I didn't succeed and that I have to work on changing my negative thoughts. Fantastic workshop.


~ Linda, Life design workshop

Really enjoyed the workshop. It gave me lots of food for thought. I need to focus on what I want, instead of what I don't have.


~ Pernilla, Law of Attraction workshop

Great workshop. It gave me clarity and direction and a better understanding of why my energy levels are so low.  I never thought about how important it is to look after your body and how this affects my health. Great content.


~ Jackie, Law of Attraction workshop

Anita, you inspire with a warm measure of absolute belief! So enjoyable sharing with others, exchanging ideas, fears and desires. I'm excited to discover more of my potential!


~ Kristina, Law of Attraction workshop

This is a reminder of what's important and what works. I have the power to direct my life. I am in control.


~ Penny, Law of Attraction workshop

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