• Anita Hollerer-Squire

Test results on toxins in NZ

Updated: Jun 14

Worried about toxins? You should be. Following are the results of the first comprehensive New Zealand monitoring program from 2014 - 2016 on selected chemicals of concern.

Blood and urine samples of 319 adults (aged 19 – 65) and 303 children (aged 5 – 18) were tested for exposure to toxins.

Every single person tested had Lead, Fluoride, Phthalates, Parabens and Benzophenone-3 in their bodies. Nearly everyone had Mercury, Cadmium, Thallium, Antimony and BPA in their bodies.

Mercury levels were about double the average reported for US, Canada and Germany. Some phthalates levels were sky-high - especially in women and children.

All of these toxins contribute to ill health. It's not just a matter of eating clean - there are so many toxins in our water, air, soil, beauty products, household detergents, fabrics, plastics and many other things. You need to be aware of what's in all of the products you buy to minimize your exposure to those chemicals.

Below see the percentage and levels of detected chemicals. Levels are measured in µg/L.


The blood lead concentrations for adults and children in New Zealand were comparable with the average levels reported for the US and Canada, although for these countries a downward trend over time has been observed with the most recent results indicating concentrations below those observed for New Zealand.


The average levels for blood mercury in New Zealanders was approximately double the average reported for US, Canada and Germany. The New Zealand average levels were comparable to those reported for France, and lower than that reported for Korea.