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Trouble losing weight?

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

A key reason why people have trouble losing weight is that their bodies are overloaded with toxins. Their detox systems are quickly overburdened when toxins are released from their fat. These toxins poison thyroid function, which results in low energy, depression and the inability to lose weight.

Our bodies are storing toxins everywhere - in our fat cells, in our blood, in our brain and in our bones. For our bodies to release those stored toxins, our gut, liver and kidney need to be detoxified first.

One of the mistakes made by most people with a heavy toxic load is that they try to lose weight before their detox organs themselves are detoxified. If your organs are full of toxins when you start your diet, your fat cells will only release toxins to be reabsorbed back into your body. It's like cleaning your house and then emptying all the dirt back into it.

Our toxic world

Toxins are everywhere – they are in the water we drink, in the air we breathe, in the food we eat, in the beauty products we put on our skin, in the cleaning products we use and in our environment. Whatever we eat, handle, smell, inhale and use is absorbed into our bodies.

Many of the toxins we are exposed to today, simply didn’t exist 70 years ago. On an average day, most people encounter a constant stream of chemicals – from benzene (in motor emissions, oil, paints, dry-cleaning, plastics etc.) to chemical-laden food, cosmetics, household cleaners, flame retardants, scotchgard-treated fabrics, clothes and more.

How did we ever come to accept the idea that putting poisons in our food, in our beauty products and into the environment is a good idea?

Not only do those poisons make us sick & overweight, they also lower the IQ, contribute to infertility, impair fine motor coordination and decrease memory.

How to lose that stubborn weight

So you think that you are doing all the right things - eating well and exercising, but the extra weight just isn't moving. This may very well have to do with your toxic load.

If you are like the majority of people, chances are your body holds a myriad of toxins. In order to lose weight, you first need to get rid of the toxins. To just go and do any of the countless detoxes out there is likely to backfire on you. Unless your main detox organs are restored to proper health - most detoxes are pretty useless. Especially if you go back to bad eating habits and let other toxins back into your life.

Toxins from pesticides stimulate enzymes that convert calories into fat. Our fat cells are where toxins are stored. When you start losing weight, your fat cells release higher concentrations of toxins, which makes weight loss more difficult if your detox organs are full of toxins. This is why it is important to follow a detox that first restores your gut, liver and kidney before you can safely release toxins and start losing weight.

If you are ready for an intense 8-week detox program, contact me and I'm happy to work with you. It doesn't matter where in the world you are - as long as you have access to the internet and a computer, we can work together. Not only will we concentrate on detoxifying your body, but we will also investigate other possible causes for your weight loss resistance - like stress, depression and other areas. Do yourself a favour and look after your body - it's the only place you have to live in all of your life!

For more information, check out wellness coaching on my website. Contact me per email on - I'm happy to hear from you!

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