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How toxic are you?

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

Wherever you live in the world, toxins are a fact of modern life. There is really no escaping them. They are in the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat, the cleaning products we use, the beauty products we put on our skins, the medications we take and in all the gadgets we use.

Chemicals are everywhere. Nobody knows the full extent of what those toxins do to our bodies. There have been numerous studies on individual chemicals and their effects on our health and the environment - but there are just too many different chemicals out there today, to know what the combined effect of those toxins does to us.

One thing we know for sure is that toxins mess with our bodily functions.

The Standing Committee of European Doctors said: “Chemical pollution represents a serious threat to children, and to Man’s survival. Synthetic chemicals can cause grievous harm and the number of cancers for which they are responsible has been grossly underestimated."

There are some 100,000 chemicals in use, but we only have good information on how safe or unsafe about 15 % of them are. The proportion of adequately regulated chemicals is even smaller. It does not look good for our health or the future of our planet.

Our bodies are designed to deal with many toxic substances, but we are not equipped to handle the onslaught of all those different toxins 24/7. The liver, kidneys and bowels are overloaded with the effort to eliminate toxins and as a consequence store unprocessed toxins in our tissues - especially fat cells, as most toxins are fat-soluble. We slowly accumulate toxins over time and this sets us up for a slippery-slide towards ill health and a variety of diseases.

The environment, the quality of our food and our health are unfortunately being sacrificed for corporate profit.

On the bright side, there are steps we can take to eliminate the exposure to some of those toxins. One easy step you can take is to change the cleaning products you use around your house - for more info read my blog.

Another step is detoxification. It is one of the most powerful steps towards health and well-being anyone can take.

A quick google search will reveal thousands of detoxes and cleanses - however, most of them will only just touch the surface.

In order to truly detox, you must nourish your body with all the nutrients, fiber and water it needs and work on eliminating all the chemicals you are exposed to in your home every day.

Use this questionnaire to assess how exposed you are to toxins in your life.

If you are concerned about your health and want some help with eliminating toxins from your life - I'm happy to help. For more info contact me.

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