• Anita Hollerer-Squire

Never let these 5 things control your life

Many people let themselves be controlled by those 5 things and are thereby preventing themselves from having an extraordinary life.

1. Never let other people's opinions control your life

From an early age we are made to "fit in" and conform. We are told what to do, how to do it and when to do it. We go along with it because we want to be liked and feel connected.

However, pleasing other people prevents us from doing what we really want. Ask yourself if you are doing something you really want to do, or are you doing something in order to fit in and get approval from others?

You are unique - there is nobody else in the world just like you. Don't let yourself be limited by other people's opinions of you. Be yourself and do what you want to do without worrying about what people think. Those who care about you, will stand by you regardless. Don't lower your light just to blend in with the bleak majority. Stand out - BE YOU!

2. Never let limiting beliefs control your life

We all hold certain assumptions about ourselves in our mind - which mostly hail from our upbringing and conditioning.

How you see yourself, determines how far you will go in life. The only thing stopping you from achieving greatness, is your own mind. The thoughts you choose to think control your outcome.