• Anita Hollerer-Squire

Sweetener guide

Too much sugar is bad for us – no matter what type of sweetener we use.

Before sugar enters the bloodstream from the digestive tract, it is broken down into two simple sugars… glucose and fructose.

  • Glucose is good – it’s the energy of life. If we don’t get it from the diet, our bodies produce it.

  • Fructose is bad. It can only be metabolized by the liver. This is not a problem if we eat a little bit (such as from fruit) or we just completed a marathon. In this case, the fructose will be turned into glycogen and stored in the liver until we need it. However, if the liver is full of glycogen (which is the case for most of us), consuming a lot of fructose overloads the liver, forcing it to turn the fructose into fat. Fructose is very addictive and overconsumption can cause hypertension, gout, weight gain and makes us continually hungry.

The problem is all the sugars added to our foods and drinks – too much sugar causes weight gain and all sorts of other health issues.

There are different types of sweeteners available:

  1. Sugars

  2. Natural sweeteners

  3. Natural sugar substitutes

  4. Sugar alcohols

  5. Artificial sweeteners

  6. Modified sugars