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Chanterelle Gulasch

Here is one of my Austrian dishes - I love chanterelles and when I'm in Austria I always go into the forrest to pick them. Unfortunately they are expensive everywhere else. 

Chanterelle Gulasch

Preparation: 20 minutes

Cooking:  30 minutes

Serves: 4


2 small onions, diced
2 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil
1/2 kg chanterelles, cleaned and diced
3 medium potatoes, diced
1 tablespoon ground paprika
1 teaspoon vinegar
1 teaspoon cumin seeds
1 teaspoon majoram
1/4 l water
1 tablespoon flour


  • Lightly brown the onions in the oil over medium heat.

  • Add the chanterelles and cook for a couple of minutes until most of the water has evaporated.

  • Add all the other ingredients except the flour. Bring to a boil and simmer for about 20 minutes or until the potatoes are soft.

  • Mix the flour with a little bit of water and add to thicken the Gulasch - cook for a couple of minutes more.

Nutrition (per serve):

Calories 212; Fat 7 g; Sat. Fat 1 g; Carbs 32 g; Sugar 2.5 g; Fiber 4.5 g; Protein 6.8 g

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