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Programs are online or in Auckland, New Zealand

We all know, exercise is good for us. But knowing and doing, are two different things. 

Options include online exercise programs, 1-on-1 training and triathlon coaching.

Have you tried lots of diets without success? If so, join my body transformation program and lose weight once and for all! No dieting, counting calories or starving yourself required.


Work with me and change your life forever! 

Toxins, bad eating habits, sedentary and stressful lifestyles are major contributors to diseases. For you to be well – in body & mind – you need to address all of that. You can drastically change your health by taking charge of your body and mind. 

Transform your body & mind

Are you stressed, depressed or is your head a mess? Is fear of failure holding you back? Are you miserable because of an unhealthy relationship?

Let's create the life you can't wait to wake up to every single morning. 

Show your employees that you care about them. Give them the gift of improving their physical and mental well-being - and you will get a better working environment as a result. It's a win/win! 

We can tailor-make a program that suits your particular needs.


“Anita recently gave a workshop on "Dealing with stress, depression and anxiety" for our Green Prescription program. It was an absolute pleasure. The content was inspiring and engaging and well thought-out. It was a great style of presentation, moving smoothly from one exercise to the next, being highly interactive.  The participants got a lot out of this workshop and even I walked away with more tools & knowledge than when I arrived.  I can't recommend Anita highly enough, she was fantastic and I do look forward to her next workshop.” 

—  Nicole Deed, Sports Auckland

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